Friday, 31 January 2014

Formed the Java EE Squad

By Rudy De Busscher

We started this week with the Java EE Squad to promote the Java EE stack.

Why do we feel that promotion is required? Java EE is very good, isn't it? Yes of course it is, but a lot of people don't realize this.  They still have the idea that it is the same as 10 years ago, when it was called J2EE.

It is as if you think about a mobile phone and you have the picture of the first one in your mind from the mid 70ties.

In all those years, there were huge improvements accomplished. So when you use it today, you can concentrate now on what you want to implement and don't need to write infrastructure code or plumbing code.

So what are we going to do?

There will be presentations and courses for the developers of the Contribute Group. They will have the chance to learn about all the goodies in Java EE.

On the other hand, we will give presentations and demos to our customers and other interested people to show them what the platform can do for their IT challenges.

What will be on this blog?

On this blog, there is room for all the members of the Java EE Squad to tell about features of Java EE or the closely related frameworks.

Oh, and before you think we want to start a war. The term Squad is used with this interpretation: any small group of people engaged in a common pursuit


  1. Hi, will you publish some presentation here?

  2. Yes, there will be presentations and tutorials posted here or linked to.